Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Bill Asher was born in Juneau, Alaska, to parents who had recently worked to establish Alaska as America&rsquo;s 49th state. Relocating to the contiguous United States before he began his schooling, the Asher family settled in the rural community of Paris, Illinois, where he excelled as both a student and an athlete. He went on to play both football and rugby at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. After graduating from Dartmouth with his bachelor of arts in political science, Bill Asher moved to Los Angeles to earn his master of business administration at the University of Southern California. <br />
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Mr. Asher subsequently entered the restaurant business as a financial analyst for a popular Beverly Hills-based chain. He then accepted a financial planning and budgeting position at the Playboy Entertainment Group. He ultimately worked his way up to serve as president of Playboy Entertainment, establishing multiple international cable and satellite networks. Parting ways with Playboy in 1999, he founded and established Califa Entertainment Group. In 2001, Mr. Asher sold his successful networks to Playboy and became the current owner and operator of Vivid Entertainment.


William Asher
Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA US